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Gordon Brown Prestwick Artist

Oh, Hello

Urban Punkz by Artist + Designer Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown, a Scottish artist based in Prestwick, Scotland, has built an extensive creative career spanning over 25 years, from luxury treehouse design to digital design, following his graduation from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Throughout his diverse career, art has always held a profound place in his heart and identity. Even while working as a designer, he continuously pursued his own artistic expression as a personal outlet.

Visiting the Far East in his late 20s, he was inspired by the ancient temples, culture, and atmosphere of the countries he visited. Upon his return, he re-evaluated his entire painting style, choosing to loosen up and incorporate the warmer colours he had seen in the temples. He also focused on capturing the spirit and peaceful nature of the people in his subject matter.

Over the years, Gordon has developed an aesthetic style that moves away from traditional oil painting techniques, instead fusing mixed media, digital media, mark-making, and spray paint. His focus has predominantly been on portraying people, particularly female figures. He explains, “My work has no real political message and solely focuses on beauty and aesthetics. Through my art, I explore themes of female emancipation and strength while revealing their sensuality and sensitivity. I find beauty in graffiti and tags, which can give a place a downtrodden appearance, but upon closer inspection, they resemble modern-day calligraphy. I capture photographs wherever I go and incorporate them into my work. I also combine painted splatters, ink marks, spray paint, and photography in my pieces.”

As an artist with a distinct approach, Gordon creates each piece as a unique entity. His artistic process begins with an initial spark of inspiration, setting off a journey where the final outcome remains unknown at the start—an aspect that fills him with excitement. Through experimentation with different elements and compositions, Gordon explores and refines his work until a harmonious connection emerges. This transformative process can unfold over a span of hours or extend to several weeks, often leading him to simultaneously develop multiple versions of a concept before amalgamating them into a final piece.

Throughout his artistic journey, Gordon’s core methodology has remained steadfast. He combines diverse photographic elements, capturing various perspectives, with handcrafted marks and textures. These elements are skillfully edited and digitally merged to create a cohesive whole. Once the artistic vision takes shape, Gordon transitions to the physical realization stage, employing a range of techniques tailored to the specific nature of the artwork. Whether it involves digital printing, hand embellishment, stencilling, or meticulous hand-finishing, each method contributes to the meticulous craftsmanship behind the creation of both original works and prints.

By blending his artistic instincts with digital mastery and traditional techniques, Gordon Brown crafts visually compelling pieces that invite viewers into a world where innovation and craftsmanship intertwine. With every new creation, he celebrates the beauty of artistic exploration and the transformative power of merging diverse elements into a unified artistic expression.