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About Us
Gordon Brown Artist

Hello, and welcome to Urban Punkz by Artist + Designer Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown, with his Urban Punkz tag, is a Scottish artist and designer from Prestwick, Scotland, known for his depictions of strong women. Utilizing a mixture of various media, including photography, textures, ink marks, tags, graffiti, spray, and ink, he is an artist that explores themes relating to female emancipation and empowerment.

Following Gordon’s studies of Art and Design at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, he explored most of Europe and East Asia in his early twenties. During that time, Gordon designed luxurious treehouses for affluent clients globally. His spare time was spent drawing and painting using the influences he discovered while traveling through Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

With a keen eye for detail, Gordon has developed a unique aesthetic style over the years, moving away from traditional oil painting techniques to fusing mixed media, digital media, and mark-making.

“People find graffiti and tags on walls make a town look dirty and bring the place down. However, I find something quite beautiful about them and incorporate them into my work,” says Gordon.

Gordon Brown Artist Signature