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Street Art Blogs

Street Art in London

  • HookedBlog – If you love street art, especially the East End, then Hooked is for you. They have been featuring the very best of street art in London since 2005. Follow them and see what they have to say about today’s most important street scene.
  • Graffoto – Graffoto is another long running blog which has been documenting the street art scene in the East End of London. If you’re really into street art, Shoreditch is where you need to be. When it comes to spotting new art Graffoto is generally the first on the scene. If you’re looking for more information about the tours, check out their website!
  • London Calling – London Calling has connections with the street art community, giving us a great insight into the latest events, artists and news. London Calling plays a strong role in curating the best street art from around the UK and abroad. Find out where to see all of this awesome street art in real life

International Street Art

  • Blocal Travel – Street art blog with works from all over the world.  Giulia, an Italian based in Amsterdam. She manages to get all over the place looking at the art from different cities. The blog also has a number of handy guides. Directing people to the best spots packed with her own take on the places she visits.
  • Urbanite – Featuring art and interviews from artists around the world. Fran, the mind behind Urbanite, certainly gets around. Able to curate a huge amount of content. It is a great place to see some of the latest street art
  • I Support Street Art – Another internationally focused blog with a range of excellent contributors from around the world. I Support Street Art does exactly that and covers the latest art from everywhere you can think of.
  • Cooltourspain – Spanish based with a focus on the street are of Spain and in particular Madrid. In addition to the blog, you can book tours of the street art in the Spanish capital.

Gordon Brown is a Scottish artist and designer from Prestwick, Scotland, utilizing a mixture of various media, including photography, textures, ink marks, tags, graffiti, spray, and ink,