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Urban street art

Urban street art is a form of art that is not only unique and creative but also can be a tool for social change. Urban art offers people around the world an opportunity to express themselves through their work. Urban art offers a way for people to express their creativity while also giving them an avenue to express themselves in public spaces.

With urban street art, artists are able to use their talent in order to help spread awareness about certain issues as well as raise funds for causes that they believe in. By engaging with the community, urban street artists can promote awareness about issues such as homelessness and hunger. The message behind urban street art is one of empowerment and hope for a better future for all human beings who live on this planet!

Urban street artists demonstrate their commitment towards social change through their work by using it as a platform in which they can educate communities on important topics such as environmentalism or racism by using it as a way of telling stories through color or shapes that represent these subjects effectively without causing any harm towards other people or animals around them.

Gordon Brown is a Scottish artist and designer from Prestwick, Scotland, utilizing a mixture of various media, including photography, textures, ink marks, tags, graffiti, spray, and ink,